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⭐️ Have you been dreaming about starting a new business?

⭐️ Are you ready to take the first step to turn your dream of being a business owner into a reality?

Nocturnal Legal is here to help you every step of the way from creating your entity to drafting those first, important legal documents. Whether it’s a freelance business or a full-blown tech startup, Nocturnal Legal has the expertise to help guide you through a successful launch.

What can I expect?

✅ One flat rate, no surprises!

✅ One-on-one help with forming your entity with the proper secretary of state.

✅ Q&A time with Attorney Paloma to ask your most burning questions.

✅ Information about the most critical items your business needs after launching.

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About Attorney Paloma

I was born into an entrepreneurial family. Over the years, my parents owned a fine dining restaurant, a retail clothing store, a technology automation company, and a business consulting firm.

Dinner-time conversation was more like a business think tank where we would discuss everything from sales to marketing.

Talking shop wasn’t that exciting when I was younger, but it laid a solid foundation for me to gain an in-depth understanding about what startups and small businesses care about most and how I can help serve their interests.

It also made me have a deep appreciation for people who decided to pursue their dreams of owning their own business and being their own boss.

After becoming an attorney, it was only natural that I wanted to help like-minded individuals launch their business and reach new personal levels of success — much like I’ve done for my family over the years.

Starting a business can be overwhelming. It’s completely normal to not know where to begin or the right steps to take. That’s what I love most about working with entrepreneurs like you.

Nothing is more rewarding than help you take those vital first steps to launch your business.

I’m thrilled to be your guide.