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Nocturnal Legal F.A.Q.

Nocturnal Legal F.A.Q.


Q: Can you help me start my business?

A: Yes, Nocturnal Legal is a full service law firm that can assist your business from launch to growth. Nocturnal Legal assists entrepreneurs and start ups to legally form your entity whether that’s a limited liability company, corporation, or non-profit (we can help you decide which form of entity is appropriate), draft organizational documents like bylaws and operating agreements, draft foundational documents such as service agreements and sales agreements, and draft important legal content for your website like your terms of use and privacy policy.

Q: Why should I have an attorney review contracts?

A: Legal contracts often contain superfluous language and legalese (i.e., formal, technical writing that is often difficult to understand). Businesses and individuals who do not have an attorney review their important legal agreements risk entering into a legally binding agreement that opens themselves or their businesses up to unnecessary liability and are unfair. Important issues that an experienced attorney can help you negotiate include:

  • Inability to terminate and accelerated fees or penalty fees;

  • Ownership of your intellectual property or ownership of work product you paid for;

  • Protection of confidential information;

  • Limitation of liability and indemnification obligations;

  • Inability to perform due to circumstances outside your control; and

  • The law that governs the agreement.


Q: Can I return a digital product after I’ve purchased it?

A: No, all digital products are final sale. If you’re unsure which digital product is right for you or if you would like assistance with a digital product that you’ve already purchased, please contact us here and we will gladly assist you.

Form Documents

Q: Can Nocturnal Legal assist me with filling out a form document I purchased?

A: Nocturnal Legal can assist you with filling in the basic fields necessary to complete a form document, but I cannot provide you legal advice unless you’re a client. Please contact us here to inquire about representation.

Q: Will the form document I purchased on Nocturnal Legal meet all my legal needs?

A: The form documents offered on Nocturnal Legal are drafted to meet general legal standards, but they may not meet your local state law requirements. If you are concerned about a specific law or how to make your business legally compliant, reach out to us here.

Q: What form documents does Nocturnal Legal offer?

A: Nocturnal Legal offers the following form documents/legal templates:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

  • Website Terms and Conditions

  • Website Privacy Policy

If you would like to purchase a form we do not offer, please submit a suggestion on our contact page and we will be happy to add that form to our template offerings.