Contract Drafting Mastery

✅ Want to draft smarter provisions? 

✅ Learn a better process for reviewing and revising agreements from start to finish?  

✅ Impress your employer with your issue spotting skills?

✅ Learn how to pivot your review based on the side you’re representing?

This course is tailored for attorneys like you.

Law school doesn’t truly prepare you to practice. Unfortunately, our “bosses” don’t take the time to mentor us or, if they do, it’s not in the format we need to learn. Having a redline dropped back in your inbox as a “teaching moment” shows you the what, but it doesn’t explain the why.

Whether you’re starting out or you’ve been in practice a number of years, you never stop learning. Experience comes with time, but what if you could short-cut your learning curve?

I teach this course live, in-person allowing us to connect and interact without the constraints of a virtual webinar. The curriculum (more about that below), covers real-world examples of the key issues you’re facing in your practice now. As an attendee, you will be asked to submit your biggest challenges and burning questions. I take those submissions and incorporate them into the content I teach adding value specifically tailored to your needs.  

If you’re excited to level up your lawyer skills, I’m equally as excited to tell you more about my course. Read on for more. 

*Accredited in AZ; submission in other states upon request and subject to local rule restrictions


The Details

Below are all the details for this event. Further down is a short bio about me, your instructor, and a more in-depth explanation of the curriculum you can expect from the course. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

When and Where:

Live webinar or in-person (seats limited)

Friday, July 28, 2023,11:30am-1pm PST

Broadcasting live from:

Appaloosa Library 

7377 E. Silverstone Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85255 

What you receive:

Topics covered:

1. Redline Process: From the Preamble to Signature Box

2. Style and Formatting with Big Law Guidance

3. Provisions that Protect

 Scroll for more detail about the curriculum below

About Paloma.

I’m a corporate attorney and the owner of Nocturnal Legal, LLC a boutique business law firm in Scottsdale focused on mergers and acquisitions and general counsel services. 

I formerly worked at Squire Patton Boggs and Generac Power Systems (Fortune 500 company).  In my previous roles, I’ve worked on billion dollar acquisitions and negotiated multi-million dollar commercial sales agreements with big box retailers.

I’ve been in the trenches. I know what it’s like to work three different time zones in a single day running on coffee and two hours of sleep with the firm still expecting you to perform with an unmeetable level of precision.

I know what it’s like to learn things the hard way and that’s exactly what I’ve set out to change. 

I’m passionate about helping you learn how to draft better, work smarter and build your confidence in your craft. I’m here to support your growth and teach you ways to make your lawyering skills better by providing you with a seminar that cuts out the fluff and delivers actionable information you can immediately implement in your practice.

The Curriculum

1. Redline Process: From the Preamble to the Signature LINES (15 minutes)

Learn how to review and redline agreements in a time efficient manner with a process that:

(a) reduces errors;

(b) ensures your review is thorough, and

(c) sets you up for success for second-round revisions.

2. Style and Formatting with Big Law Guidance (15 minutes)

Some firms say they have a style guide filed somewhere in the archives, but no one ever follows it. Each attorney has their own style preferences and so will you. Learn:

  • Best practices for agreement formatting to look polished
  • Redline etiquette and style preferences (firm vs company)
  • Consider real-world requests from my practice (balancing legalese)
  • Learn how to better meet the needs of every partner/corporate team member you work with

3. Provisions that Protect(60 minutes)

Gain a better understanding as to how provisions commonly seen in a variety of agreements can be revised to better protect your client’s interests. We will discuss everything from indemnification to boilerplate. You will learn how even the seemingly innocuous provisions can have a significant impact when parties later disagree.

Learn issues to look for based on the side you represent and better understand how the opposing side’s desires can shape and inform your own revisions.


Ready to level up your contracting skills?

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