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Commercial Contracts

Does your business need a commercial contract attorney in Arizona to review your commercial agreements or resolve a contract dispute? Whether you own a small business or operate a multi-million dollar corporation, you are routinely exchanging business contracts with third parties to close deals and conduct business.

Why Hire Nocturnal Legal as Your Commercial Contracts Attorney?

Nocturnal Legal can assist your business with drafting, reviewing, revising, and negotiating the terms of your standard commercial contracts and the contracts you receive from clients, customers, collaborators, contractors, and vendors.

Attorney Paloma Goggins has worked on countless commercial agreements both in-house and in private practice, working collaboratively with business teams throughout the negotiation process to ensure the contract terms are fair and protect her clients’ interests.

Below are just a handful of the contracts Nocturnal Legal routinely drafts and reviews for our clients:

  • Non-disclosure agreement

  • Master sales agreement

  • Master services agreement

  • Master supply agreement

  • Licensing agreement

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  • Letter of intent (LOI)

  • SaaS agreement

  • Contractor Agreement

  • Professional services agreement

  • Service level agreement

  • Employment agreements

When you elect to work with Nocturnal Legal, Attorney Paloma brings her industry-specific knowledge and win-win negotiation tactics to the table, which ensures throughout the contract lifecycle, from negotiation to execution, potential legal pitfalls are mitigated, provisions are made more reasonable, and business relationships start off on the right foot.